Corporate and Social Events at Regale

Our beautiful grounds and Tuscan-inspired winery offer a number of unique event spaces that provide an unforgettable experience.


For more information or to book an event, contact or call 408-353-2500 ext. 103,
or fill out our Request for Proposal Form. We look forward to working with you!


Here at Regale, we believe that events should be designed to stimulate all of your senses. Whether your private event is corporate or personal in nature, we offer a variety of all-inclusive event packages with a full range of pricing and add-on options. We take pride in finding caterers that provide interactive culinary experiences and elite service.


Engagement & Rehearsal Celebrations

The events leading up to your wedding day are times shared with some of the most important people in your life. At Regale Winery and Vineyards, we take our role in your guests’ experience very seriously. We understand the pressures of creating a memorable event unique to you. Our expertise and support enable you to relax in the wonder of special moments shared with family and friends.


The beauty of our estate speaks for itself – breathtaking views, expansive gardens and Tuscan-influenced design. Consider contacting us to schedule a private tour to see for yourself. Inquiring brides and grooms are welcome to taste our crafted wine as they explore the estate.



Interactive Add-On Activities

Add-on activities are available Monday through Friday as add-ons only to our event packages.


Regale provides some of the most involved and entertaining team-building activities in the wine industry. Our activities and classes are guaranteed to entertain, unite, and satisfy everyone involved.


Grape Stomping Experience

AVAILABLE LATE APRIL - SEPTEMBER: Which team can collect the most grapes and stomp out the most juice? Two teams will need to locate and win grape bundles for their team barrel by working together to, decipher clues in a scavenger hunt and discover hidden grapes throughout our grounds and gardens, they will take turns on our wine bottle ring toss game to win grapes, a hole in one putting competition, and work as a team to figure out the answers to our wine trivia game!  On top of collecting the grapes, each team will need to toss the grape bundles into their team barrel from a marked distance. Continuous wine service is included, along with the monitoring/organizing of the games by a Regale staff members, as well as set up and clean up!  Please note two additional games, cornhole and giant jenga, will be added for groups over 40 people


Wine Flavor Profile Station

Participants will be presented with a line of black wine glasses for varietal secrecy.  They will use red and white wine aroma samples to help highlight and enhance certain wine characteristics of the blind samples served in each black glass.  This experience is guided by a wine expert from Regale, who assists with the descriptive analysis to identify wine flavors and aromas.  Guests will use their nose and palates to discover wine senses and try to figure out which type of varietal they are tasting.  It is almost guaranteed their senses will play tricks on them!

Aroma Discovery

Discover aromas in our Regale wines, learning to describe wine as the winemaker does.  Learn how to explain what you are smelling in the wine by identifying real-life aromas of fruits, flowers and other materials in comparison with our Regale bottlings.


Blind Tasting

Test your knowledge of varietals and growing regions under the guidance of one of our wine specialists. Work together in small groups or individually to identify the mystery wines using three basic senses – taste, smell, and sight.  Each person with all wines correct will receive a tasting for two!


Wine Blending

Try your hand as a winemaker for a day. Work in teams to develop the winning Bordeaux style blend from traditional varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Use beakers and graduated cylinders to measure components of your concoction, tasting myriad options as you work.


Cork Engineering

In this high-tech world get back to the basics with this low-tech form of fun! Teams will be given a set supply of corks and rubber bands in which they will set out to build the tallest cork tower possible.


Sports Package

Games available from lunch – end of event.  Add games and more fun to your event once you have contracted one of our wine team building activities.  Your guests can entertain themselves with a variety of different physical activities. With an in-house bocce ball court, badminton court, ping pong table, cornhole, horseshoe, and giant jenga, you can even set up a tournament for your guests to throw down a little healthy competition amongst each other! Our rainy-day back-up option includes an indoor set up of ping pong, cornhole, horseshoe, giant jenga, and an assortment of classic games such as chess, dominos, backgammon, dice, playing cards & poker chips.


Wine Trivia

Break into teams and learn the fundamentals of wine and the wine regions in California.  You’ll get a basic understanding of wine terminology, where wine comes from and how to taste. The teams will need to work together to come up with the best answers for each question. A Regale wine expert will go through the answers and award the winner as well as provide further wine education!





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